Contacts at Get Out & Go Tours

Tom Knoerzer, Tour Director

Tom is an experienced cyclist, trip organizer, and founder of Get Out & Go Tours LLC. With tens of thousands of hours in the saddle, Tom is an excellent resource to learn about cycling and sites across the Mid Atlantic region. Having ridden the C&O Canal and Great Allegheny Passage trails for more than 25 years, and residing in the area, Tom is an excellent source of information on the trails and area history. Tom rode his first multi-day tour in 1978, at age 15, rode his first 400 mile day in 1983, and criss-crossed the country in 1983 to 1985, including as a participant in the 1984 Race Across AMerica, during which he developed extensive planning and logistics skills. Trained in leadership and Project Management, Tom is the primary planner for Get Out & Go Tours.


Kyle Raymond, Tour Operations Manager

Kyle has supported Get Out & Go Tours and provided bicycle rental service since 2009. He has extensive experience driving the support route and getting to trail access points. Kyle provides a hard-working, polite interaction with everyone, and is the anchor support person for our corporate events and rentals.

In 2013, Kyle was promoted to Tour Operations Manager, where he manages the execution of most tours and leads our operations. Experienced at timing Rest GO's and serving customer needs, we're proud to have Kyle on our team.




Cindy Knoerzer, Support and Rentals

Cindy has provided bicycle rental service for seven years, and has ridden the C&O Canal several times, covering the business when tours are operating and take the rest of the staff away from the business. Cindy can take care of your rental needs, provide information about the trail, or get you out onto it!



Darnell Lomax, Support

Darnell joins us this year as a support driver for our mid-length multi-day tours. An experienced manager and customer service representative, his can-do, succeed with everything spirit helps us in tough situations.


George Stephens, Support

George joins us this year as a support driver for our mid-length multi-day tours. George puts in many hours in the saddle each year, and understands your riding needs. You may also find him on-trail when the tour calls for it.


Shawn Baldy, Support and Guide

Shawn has been asking to be a part of Get Out and Go Tour operations for several years, and this year, he joins us for support and guide service. An experienced cyclist and Washington area resident, he will be great for our C&O Canal tours.


Contact Information

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Phone: 571-572-BIKE (2453)